Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210423

Captain's Log

Today’s most important decision, in consultation with the various Commanders, was to agree to stick to the  planned schedule with morning conferences and mid-afternoon staged events.  We have heard from those who cannot leave work and wanted our events to be in the evenings.  We cannot do that for various reasons including our strong feeling that this tour is about the light of a new dawn for America, and nighttime events would be dark (literally), gothic, and off-message.

I joined a video meeting with the tour public relations maven recruited by Sacha Stone, and we have confirmed a publicity plan that will start 1 May. We are by-passing the national media completely and focused on local media.

I had a long talk with Scott McKay about his health, he has concluded his deals with both the coach company and the wrap company, but he is being cautious about an emerging infection on the surface of the various pieces of metal within his body, and I left open the possibility of his not being with the tour from Atlanta to Dallas, which has the added value of letting him load everything including his beloved motorbikes in Dallas. His health is our first priority, I see him as solid from Dallas to Mount Rushmore and then we will see.

I created a video responding to Donna in Canada concerned about our security situation. I am not concerned about our security situation.  God will provide.

VIDEO: Captain’s Log 20210423 About Our Security On Tour

Mark Rowe of Adnormous confirmed that he will  refund $9,500 since Scott is paying for the fifth wrap.

I created a letter and sent it via FedEx to Scott Stafford, CEO of Evolve  Bank and Trust, which has failed to return $30,000 sent to them on 5 April 2021 with one digit changed by Excel throwing the transfer off. They have ignored three formal requests from my bank.  I pray that Mr. Stafford is an honest man and will see to the prompt return of these funds.

The ground game is advancing, with a triage taking place of Trump event locations, Constitutional Sheriff locations, and crowd-sourced suggestions, all focused on fairgrounds.

We have tentatively identified 24 “mega-event” sites and while that might be cut back to 12, are plans for integrating drop-ins with permanent party and locals is on track.

Administratively I am getting superb support from our bank; in addition to being able to do wires from my laptop we now have a merchant account that will allow us to take debit and credit cards without needing an intermediary service such as PayPal, and I have obtained a bank scanning machine for my wife’s use to process checks that will continue to be most welcome during the tour.  Our process for communicating with all donors and ensuring they get a Founding Citizen certificate is working well, with an average of 100 certificates being issued each day.