With Love From Canada


ROBERT STEELE: I was feeling down this morning as we went $37K into the red for this project (I had to use our non-profit reserve to cover the audio down payment) when the below message came in from Donna in Canada.

It was powerfully uplifting for me and I thought to share it with all of you.

Dear Robert:

I’m in Canada (and by the way I’m getting better at navigating through your sites).  I am so very grateful for you and what you and your people are doing for both the US and Canada.  The truth is, you are protecting our entire world with your phenomenal tour.

I have one major concern.  I’m sure you have this covered, but could you do a short video for those of us who are concerned for your safety.  We all know by now that the “swamp” people ie; dems, GOP’s, CCP’s and globalists will stop at nothing.  Your videos are absolute music to my ears and are keeping me sane, as is so with millions in every country you are heard in.  However “they”, the “swamp” are also hearing all about this marvelous game plan.  I’ve noticed all through 2020 that the more evident it was that the more people that are waking up to the evil scheming they are doing, the more panicked they become, and the more ruthless they behave.  They have no conscience, and murder and killing is all fairplay in their game.  Again, I know you have this covered, so I’m just asking that you put a 5 minute video out there so we will see that and not worry about you.

Your dedication is as admired as the financial response you are receiving.  I wish I could join you in that.  I’m as grateful to you as a Canadian as all America is.  For now, all I’m able to do is verbally support you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I pray your pilgrimage for Americans will trickle down and quickly to Canada.  May God richly bless you in all you do, along with your family, your devoted and amazing crew, and for every step of the way in this tremendous “Arise USA Tour”.  The world is on board to arise with you. I cannot thank you enough.

Sincerely, and so very gratefully,
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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