George Smith: A Poem “Arise”



Arise, oh legacy of lost and languished legend left without, standing restive and ready with nature, leaving and looking outward, buffeted by wind of chance and change, legion in number, augmented by artifact; there lies our abattoir of abrogation set forth by deferred deficit

Lead us not gentle into that darkness before the vanquish of nouveau dawn, not silenced or demurred through downward trajectory, nor deafened or depleted by criminal complicity, uncomplacent; of mindful matter and emotion, unyielding; though bedazzled by display of dereliction and divine authority upon the vast and vanishing plains.

Our violent vicissitude of reprobation awaits behind the veil, out of touch, beneath whose path our first reward, as yet concealed before all eyes for which to see, inviolate of grace and dignity, staunchly endeared with all humanity, bereft or longing, left to its own device, encapsulated upon this lonely horizon

Arise, ye followers of faith and reason forthwith to denounce the doubts of disorder and displacement, go now beyond the blindness of defeat and resignation, the phantoms of past history hath no return, ’tis onward into the fire and flames of new destiny, I beseech thee

In Memoriam ; Standing Rock
    GP Smith, Oct, 2016