Patriot: CL Bryant


CL Bryant is the founder of One Nation Back to God; a senior fellow at Freedom works; the creator and star of the Crystal Dove award winning movie Runaway Slave; a movie about the race to free the black community from the slavery of tyranny and progressive policies.

He is nationally head principal of the CL Bryant Show, a syndicated radio program.

He is recognized as one of Americas most Dynamic Orators and is a highly sought after Speaker, Motivator, Activist, Organizer, Gospel Preacher. His current Church affiliation is the Word of God Ministries with Pastor James A. McMenis, located in Shreveport, LA.

A native of Shreveport, LA. with family roots in Cane River and Lafeyette, LA, he is the son of World War II Veteran L.C. Bryant and mother Elnola Goode Bryant.

Education: LSU-S, Bishop College,Tampa College, Shreveport Bible, Master of Theology. Ordained by the Rev. Dr. E. Edward Jones, Former President National Baptist Convention of America. 37 years in Pastoral ministry, Missionary to South America including the Amazon.

Business: 25 years in Finance and Mortgage.

Frequent Guest: Fox News. The Blaze. CNN. MSNBC. Syndicated Radio. Columnist and Author. Former two-term President of NAACP Garland, Texas. On June 4, 2014, C.L. became Host of soon syndicated radio program THE CL BRYANT SHOW. Content of Character College Tour (HBCU). New film project will be called ‘RED WHITE AND BLACK’ which will be coming in 2016.

Family: Married to Jane C. Pruitt Bryant and a father of four; grandfather of 12.


The CL Bryant Show

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19-May WED 3 New Orleans, LA

24-May MON 7 Shreveport, LA

18-Aug WED 75 Palm Beach, FL