Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210429

Captain's Log

I am sorry to be missing some Captain’s Log entries, my days are just jammed from 0700 to 2100 when the dog demands that I get some rest.

The schedule has changed to start the tour officially in Battle Mountain, Nevada on 15 May when Sheriff Richard Mack and the County Commissioners  are declaring Lander County, Nevada to be the first totally Constitutional County in the USA.

This has required a massive effort by the coach company and the wrap company to accelerate two coaches and we will be dashing across the country from 10 May 2021 and then back to start the full tour as planned with five coaches on 20 May 2021 from Atlanta.  It will cost an extra $30,000 inclusive of gas and hotels but is well worth it.

The other major event — I deal at the macro level while our commanders deal with the micro — has been an objection from the Constitutional Sheriffs to the American States Assembly being represented on the tour.  I am trying to sort that out. Sheriff Richard Mack and many sheriffs have an unfavorable impression of Anna Von Reitz and the America States Assembly but I believe that to be based on mis-information.

No one has ever gone to jail from demanding state assemblies and citizen rights being restored.  They have gone to jail for ignoring Anna’s advice and acting in ways that invite legal retaliation from federal, state, and local officials who are more accommodating to the Deep State than they are to the Constitution.  I am trying to get Sheriff Mack and Judge Anna to talk and see if we cannot find middle ground. This is a unity and diversity tour to unite the tribes, so  this is the kind of antipathy I seek to avoid and resolve.  We are about Truth & Reconciliation to achieve UNITY & INTEGRITY.

We raised $51,000 in one night after our official launch video, and I just realized the Funding Page was not reflecting credit card donations in April, so we are now showing $72K in hand, and I am confident we will continue to raise funds. PayPal’s deplatforming has caused our education non-profit grievious harm and after the tour is launched we will file a lawsuit against them.  I am also threatening the CEO of Evolve Bank in Tennessee with a lawsuit, with my correspondence signed for by his staff he is now complicit in the misappropriation of $30,000 send to him by my bank with one digit wrong in the wire transfer instructions but the name of the account holder and all other digits correct.  He can either credit the account holder or return the money or face a lawsuit as well as adverse online publicity that will forevermore link his name to the theft of $30,000 from our non-profit.  Feel free to contact the bank and urge them to return the $30,000 that is YOUR money for which I am the STEWARD.

If you have not seen this great video with Charlie Ward and others, please do watch it and share it — and note that Sacha Stone and Charlie Ward are having a macho contest to see who has more weight with new donors, donate $103 to vote for Sacha and $110 to vote for Charlie.

#UNRIG Video (1:09:00) 4 Amigos and 1 Babe

And this video by Ground Commander Trent Loos with Sheriff Richard Mack whom I have called the second most important man in America after President Donald Trump:

RIDING FOR THE USA: Trent Loos with Sheriff Richard Mack — Join the Posse!

Today I got the last two debit cards for two new drivers, and I am finalizing the hotel contract.  I am still waiting on the Tour Manager for the insurance contract and also an itemization of the audio gear.  The Tour Manager has his three debit cards and will be flying to Indiana to do a complete stage and audio set up to test everything and then load it on a gear truck with a dedicated driver for the drive to Atlanta.

You can see the schedule for stops between now and 15 May, I will be posting hotel addresses shortly, we plan no events enroute to and from Nevada from 10-20 May but we can certainly meet up with Patriots at each of our stops (drivers are like pilots, and there are not enough of them for us to do two drivers and driver straight on through as I did once in my MGB, crossing the entire country in three days and nearly killing myself multiple times.

No one has ever done this before.

My wife asked me this morning what my hoped for outcome was.  This is what I said:

To restore absolute power to 100% of the public resulting in honest local, state, and federal executives, legislatures, and judiciaries, such that we restore America the Beautiful in a state of grace with God and with one another.

We need your help to raise the balance of roughly $1.4 million needed to cover all the bills for what some are calling the tour of the century.