ARISE USA First Cut on Tour Nature & Objectives


ARISE USA The Resurrection Tour is an educational non-profit tour seeking to unite all Americans regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, religion, sex, age or disability — it is a national conversation and civics dialog tour, a modern variation of what was once called a Chautauqua adult education and social movement, with assemblies in 84 places across 50 states.

Our objective is to restore civil conversation as the primary foundation for democracy rooted in an engaged informed citizenry that exercises individual, county, and state sovereignty in the face of globalist, Luciferian forces seeking to undermine American culture, the American economy, the American family, and American society including particularly rural communities centered on small family-run farms and small family-run businesses.

We are proud to have organized a range of over 90 speakers who will be spread across the 84 stops and combine with local speakers to create the largest local to national town hall dialog ever created. This is being called the tour of the century. While focusing on America First, the tour, in seeking to bring together the populist left with the populist right with the Independents and Libertarians, seeks to unite the 99% against the corrupt institutions that no longer represent We the People and is in fact a foundation for a world-wide resurgence of localization and populism against globalization and fascism. From school boards to country boards of supervisors, the revolution — the triumph of good over evil — will be found in Constitutional Counties that commit to faith, family, and freedom.

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association led by Sheriff Richard Mack and the Patriot Streetfighters led by Scott McKay, will join Robert Steele, Trent Loos, Kevin Jenkins, Leigh Dundas, and over 90 others to engage in what could be the longest running (111 days) civics class in modern history. Our ultimate objective is the restoration of integrity to all of our institutions, local, state, and national.