Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210430

Captain's Log


We appear to have raised $71,000 in the last two days, it takes a couple of days for the donations to be processed into our bank account and then reported to all of you.

All manner of local and state and national officials are now approaching us asking for speaking spots.  This is a non-profit non-partisan civics tour, so we are evaluating all offers in that light.

Insurance and hotel and fairgrounds and airports and parks and private pastures are falling into place.

We will have THREE starting points for the tour: in Nevada on 15 May to celebrate the announcement of Lander County as the first Constiututional County in the USA; on 16 May in Allen, Texas with Scott McKay’s special event; and on 20 May in Atlanta, our originally planned tour delayed by three days to enable respect for the Lander County and Allen, Texas events.


I am but a grain of sand on a beach that is constantly tilting this way and that, with giant boulders threatening to crush me as the “beach” tilts every which way (boats move in nine different directions at once).

This was my recurring nightmare when I was a child in Viet-Nam from 1963 to 1967, in the last two years returning for “vacations” from boarding school (Brent School in Baguio, Philippines).

Today I am older and wiser and very few things phase me, but dealing with Cynthia McKinney and Anna Von Reitz has been a challenge.

McKinney, who has led me on since 2017 when she joined me in the first #UNRIG election tour, has been struggling with the movie that our donors funded, and it appears we will have to finish the job for her.  She has also finally given me a definitive answer as to her withdrawal from the tour.  I wish her well.  A new certificate will be designed and issued from Monday onwards.

Von Reitz, whom I have honored in the past but whom I am removing entirely from my web site ecology, appears to have lost her mind over a challenge to the participating of  the State Assemblies movement.  She is now spreading lies about our funding and insulting Sheriff Mack and I both publicly and privately.  I believe her to be ill and under negative influences.  I wish her well.

Our speakers are all being attacked — there is a clearly a divide and conquer campaign going on seeking to undermine each speaker’s participation in the tour, notably Sheriff Richard Mack, but all signs point to this tour being outrageously successful and unstoppable.