Patriot: Gina Citoli


Enthralling intoxicating stuff!”- Fire Works Magazine, London

Gina Citoli has written, produced and recorded over 60 songs about world peace, universal truths, empowerment, the environment, love and transformation.

Gina has also created, produced and performs five full-length one-woman musicals, a concert series  and a children’s show.  

Presently Gina is launching Mysterium TV.

Gina’s background includes training as a dancer at Ivan Novikoff School of Dance and Cornish School in Seattle, Los Angeles Ballet Academy and Luigi’s Jazz Centre New York City. Her theater training came from performing in numerous theatrical productions in Seattle, New York City and The Actors Workshop in Los Angeles.

She has performed to standing ovations and rave reviews from New York’s Battery Park, Den Design-Forum Museums Quarter in Vienna, The Sedona Creative Life Center, Beverly Hillshire Screening Facility in Beverly Hills, CA among others.

Gina has recorded with world class sound healer, musician and producer, Barry Goldstein and has won numerous awards. Her music has been used by NASA, in environmental films and for international CD compilations for world peace.

Honors, Awards & Distinctions

Hollywood Spiritual Film & Entertainment Festival

  • #1 Rock Ballad – “It All Comes Down to Love”

  • #1 Holiday Song – “Someday When Christmas Never End​

“Breath of Spirit” voted as The Crimson Circle’s choice for
Best New World Energy Song

Original songs by Gina included on multiple International CD Compilations for world peace & the environment

Gina’s song “The Alchemist” featured in a NASA training program.

Several of Gina’s songs included in environmental films and documentaries

Two of Gina’s songs were recorded with Grammy award-winning producer Barry Goldstein in New York City


Gina Citoly, Songstress, Visionary, & Scribe


  • Minneapolis, MN
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