Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210501

Captain's Log

I can do no better today, which is relatively frantic as I pack up and do chores like cleaning the pond filters before driving off tomorrow,  than the below as sent to all of our commanders:

ARISE USA for consideration by all leaders of this tour

From one of my subscribers during today’s webinar.  I am being told via multiple emails and comments that people want disclosure across the board — 9/11, ET, geoengineering, etcetera.

Tell Narrative and Publicity reps that we want raw truth, we are fed up with feel good bullshit…that is why we are looking to you to lead this recovery shit show…

Now, having shared that, let me also say that there is a robust discussion going on among the leaders as to focus and avoiding “conspiracy theories.”

“Once we return to our principled foundation, then most of the “conspiracy theories” will take care of themselves.”  Sheriff Richard Mack

Master Lama Rasaji Shakti says the same thing — focus on getting right with God and Mother Earth and one another.  See his video being posted shortly.

So now that the rubber is hitting the road, we are triaging between recurring and singular themes; narrative as carried by the permanent party and narrative supplements from single speakers speaking a single time, with video interviews by Sacha, Trent, Kevin, Robert, and Charlie Ward supplementing the tour’s education purpose without alienating middle of the road folks that just want to focus on God and Country platitudes.  This is a SOLUTIONS tour, not a PROBLEMS tour, and among the core solutions are:

  • Get right with God
  • Mobilize citizens at every level
  • Take down the two party tyranny and re-enfranchize 100% of our voters
  • Create Constitutional Counties
  • Fire everyone at every level that is against Faith, Family, & Freedom

My primary role in all this, apart from raising funds and paying the bills, is to navigate within the sensibilities of the leaders shown below.

We may not be able to do the degree of disclosure that some desire but we will not shirk from hard questions.  My thinking at this time is that the staged event will be the core narrative focused on constructive patriotic solutions, and the individual conferences at the hotel for more limited numbers will be where we can engage directly on tough topics such as 9/11 and Satanic pedophilia.

The three movies on #UNRIG Elections; Wall Street Treason & Crime; and Satanic Pedophilia will be out by June.

Our highest purpose is not to tell anyone what is wrong or what to do, but rather to inspire a civic conversation that leads to creating a critical mass of local populists and activists who are able to overwhelm the bribery, blackmail, and brainwashing now being used to control federal, state, and local officials who are acting in violation of the Constitution and against the public interest.

Visit the below site, find your county, and become a digital soldier!

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