Charles Hugh Smith: How Nations Fail


How Nations Fail: Elites See No Reason to Sacrifice Anything

If we don’t understand how complex social systems such as nation-states lose stability and fail, then we can’t possibly know how to fix what’s broken, i.e. design a replacement system that re-establishes stability and maintains in via dynamic homeostasis, the same model embedded in ecosystems and organisms.

The 2013 book “Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty” discusses the differences between failed states and successful states, and concludes that the failed states are fundamentally kleptocracies that answer to a self-serving elite while successful states are answerable to the broad populace.


ROBERT STEELE: I wanted to share this important extract from the writings of Charles Hugh Smith to make two points:

01 the USA is dying because election fraud leads to a corrupt Congress (and a two-party tyranny that disenfrances 80% of the voters) that enables Wall Street treason & crime as well as Satanic pedophilia as control mechanism. I have three websites and am making three movies on these topics:

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