Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210503

Captain's Log

The most important thing I did today was visit Adnormous in Atlanta to look at the two coaches being wrapped for me and for Sheriff Mack.  Photos are below the line.  They are TINY on the inside when rolling, with the private office in the back holding two people and the front lounge holding 4-5 at most, we are going to have to abandon the idea of adding people for regional runs, with a couple of exceptions.

Am paying out over $70K in bills today which are no longer making me nervous because we are now seeing a steady stream of Patriots join the fight and vote with their donation of $100 to $111).

Finally, I am doing one more letter to the CEO of Evolve in Memphis before filing a federal lawsuit for the missing $30K.

NOTE:  JFK & DJT are being covered up and will not appear on any of our graphics or wraps.  While I personally think the  Great Conversation should start with recognition of how the Deep State began its final run with the assassination of JFK by our own government, and began to end with the legal election of DJT in 2016 and again in 2020 pending the audits documenting the fraud, our team makes decisions as a team and the consensus was that this needed to be removed to avoid any possible politicization optic for our non-profit educational activity.  I am a team player.  So be it.

These coaches are MUCH MUCH SMALLER than the publicity photos make them appear.  This is going to be more like living in a submarine for four months, rather than a rolling palace as some mistakenly might imagine.