Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210506

Captain's Log

I am so incredibly nervous, but also confident this is all going to be epic.

Today we are hiring the drone  team with a commercial pilot’s  license and all gear.

We have received the first 2,500 caps and will be handing 1,000 out free in Nevada on 15 May and again in Georgia on 20 May.

Below are photos from my visit to the coach company, two coaches launch from here Monday morning for a dash to Nevada to support Sheriff Mack and the announcement of the Nation’s first official Constitutional Country on 15 May.

Scott will have his event in Dallas on 16 May.

The full tour with five coaches launches on 20 from Atlanta with a modest departure event, probably at a fairgrounds just north of the city.

I pray that God — and We the People — see merit in what we are doing.

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