Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210507

Captain's Log

I spent most of the day dealing with individual commanders as well as the coach company.

We are also reconsidering the conferences which are both too expensive for space rental, and a pain in the COVID protocol ass.  What I am consider now is morning drives, VIP lunches (or dinners), and then a five hour event — one hour of open mike, two hours of prepared event, and two hours mingling with everyone and answering questions directly, outdoors — then to bed.

Here are the two coaches we are rushing to Nevada, with drone operations along the way  there and back.

Trent Loos has reported that as many as nine separate locations have turned us down within select cities. He’s on  top of it, but it saddens me to see how brainwashed so many people have become, to confuse patriotism and respect for the  Constitution with hate speech.

Jimmie Schwinn, Cyber-Commander, is working with some gifted people to organize a combination of local radio, local newspaper, social media, and veteran and law enforcement fraternal organizations all of whom are most enthusiastic about what this tour stands for, with particular respect due to Sheriff Richard Mack who has made many sacrifices over time to carry the Constitutional Sheriffs concept to where is today: FEARED by the 1%.

I moved $50K toward radio advertising and am finalizing insurance and hotels.  We hired a commercial drone pilot and a video assistant.

I bought a new printer.  HP still makes good printers but they are now totally stupid about trying to force wireless and endless “set ups” that are intended to feed you into their outrageously expensive print on demand supply chain.  I by-passed all of that with a hard wire, but to uncover the plug I had to remove a wireless sticker some moron executive at HP has “approved” as a ham-fisted attempt to obscure the FACT that the machine can be wired direct.  Shameless idiocy at HP.