Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210507

Captain's Log

Today I am finalizing the first ten ground locations with Trent Loos; finalizing the first ten hotels with the liberal Marriott (whose beds I like, but one fifth of their hotels are turning down our business), and making contingency plans for not having a hotel in any given location (this is why we have nine beds on each coach — one in the rear lounge with private office, and eight “condo” bunk beds in submarine alley.

Today I am also asking each of the Permanent Party members for wire transfer information to send them their first $10K each in travel money, and urging all of them to get on the HCQ preventive protocol established by Dr. Stella Immanuel via FrontlineMDS.

Based on the consensus of our varied commanders, it is my view that it is now impossible to stop this tour.  We will meet all of our commitments (time & place).  The drone, live streaming, and movie being made as we go will be helpful to restoring our Constitution, our Republic, and public power.

I have approved a $50K radio and social media advertising program, and given the order to create and place two billboards, one in Georgia and one in California, with the following:

These cost roughly $3,000 a month, my preliminary intent is to simply get both up and into video to show the possibilities, it would cost $1.5 million to put one in every Congressional District, I am not expecting that money to materialize so we will make do with just two billboards.

Later today I am visiting FedEx to get Scot McKay’s video interview poster (background), and will have them create a national postcard that can be easily downloaded and printed in bulk for anyone who wishes to send to their “elected” officials (no official is actually “elected” — it is a rigged system in which the winner is determined by fraud and selected based on their willingness to go along with DNC and GOP treason).

I will do The Steele Report webinar at 1 pm as scheduled, and am spending the day working on the text report for Monday. While I have been deeply burdened by the minutia of getting this show organized and on the road, it is my intent to honor my subscribers and not slack off on The Steele Report.