Captain’s Log, Stardate 2021 0510 – Departure Photos

Captain's Log

Well, we are off for Nevada with two coaches, and will return for the full tour launch from Atlanta on 20 May (Atlanta), 21 May (Birmingham). New Orleans is shaping up to be our first mega-event.

The bright news for me was that FedEx found our $20K worth of colored #UNRIG caps and delivered them in time for us to bring 1,000 caps to the Nevada event.

The publicity team is hitting its stride. I am spending some  time thinking about WHAT IF there is a fuel shortage, credit cards stop working, etcetera.

Below are some captioned photos of our departure.  I am now going to take a nap.

Robert, Don (Coach Master) and our two Master Drivers. Note Dan’s tatoo.
Loading up the narrative and technical team including drones. They will have their own coach for the big push, this wrap honors CSPOA and Sheriff Richard Mack will own this bus on the full tour.
The Poop Brief. Don’t. If you must, fill tank first, then flush twice. Also safety while in motion — top notch professional drivers, we are in great hands.
Robert’s home and office for the next 111 days. Note Miss Piggy bunked in.