Captain’s Log, Stargate 20210509

Captain's Log

Today, a Sunday, was relatively calm while I wait for FedEx to find $20K worth of #UNRIG  caps they lost with a mis-delivery on Saturday.

I communicated with my Mother and my wife, mother to my three sons. The first fell again and had blot clots but is stable at home. The second suggestedI move the checks to the CPA and we are going to do that this week, I will change the address for checks as soon as we confirm which CPA employee and office will manage checks going forward.  We are also looking into an app where you can done with a check simply by sending us an image of the check — but I will never close the door on people who want to send money the old-fashioned way, via mail in hard-copy.

Trent Loos and I reversed my earlier decision on start date because we have a superb team in Birmingham and they locked us into the 21st there.  We will start in Atlanta on the 20th.

I finalized the list of names to be included in the permanent party that numbers 25 at each stop once we assemble on 19 May in Atlanta and made reservations for our dash to and from Nevada, we will NOT be seeing anyone enroute, those hotel locations will not be revealed. We will be testing the drones enroute.

I reached out to Michael Jaco whom I want very much to have open the tour with love bubble training for the permanent party and a short (5-7 minute) public presentation on the idea.

Nothing like this has EVER been done before and I am honored to be a servant to God & Country in this process.

A Security Manager is being hired and we are ramping up security in multiple forms, some of them quite clever.

The Tour Manager is enroute to test (a full stage and audio set-up) the tour gear, and will then bring his team (two crew  plus a driver of the gear truck) and all gear to Atlanta for the official start on 20 May.

I worked with our cyber and publicity team leaders on both Arise.World and the first press release, and consulted Sheriff Richard Mack on how to list those joining him in Nevada — they are not formally part of the tour but are there to celebrate CSPOA and the first Constitutional County in the USA.  Look for a post on this tomorrow.

A minor disappointment: the wrap designer was not properly briefed on the exact specifics of the air breather openings needed for proper generator operations, so the CSPOA coach is now scarred by multiple gray openings slashing across our faces, fortunately this is the only coach where.

Related to the tour indirectly: I finalized a seal with Sean Stone to take over the #UNRIG movie, to convert the chapters created by Cynthia McKinney into a final movie. Sean will also start publishing chapters from the Wall Street Treason & Crime movie and also the Satanic Empire movie, with a view to releasing all three movies close to the 4th of July.  See all that we have done on these three core public outrages with a common theme of US federal, state, and local COMPLICITY in treason against the public, are their respective websites (videos are both posted and put into the video page).

#UNRIG Elections   —   Wall Street Treason & Crime   —   Satanic Empire

Below are photos of my most excellent Marriott Courtyard command post: