Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210511

Captain's Log

Hats off to the St. Louis Airport Renaissance Hotel, the first of  the Marriotts to have a sales representative able to a) create a group reservation with one billing and b) get the credit card information online without bullshit forms.

The aggravation of  minutia is the hardest part of my role in all this. Now below are mind-blowing photos on why this all matters and what a joy this tour is.

Bottom line: cars are honking and waving at us as we drive down the road, and at truck stops truckers are coming over, animated, taking photos and in some cases asking to have their photos taken with the coach.  Not one, multiples!

And then you have young black men stopping next to us while we are parked at a Whole Foods and engaging us in a learned conversation about the Constitution and why it matters.

Miss Piggy and I are both seasick — literally.  She survives by looking out the window.  I have to deal with being seasick while doing wire transfers, arranging shipments, and finalizing insurance, security, and hotel bookings.

More tomorrow.  Gotta go sit with the driver to recover.