#UNRIG Caps Now On Sale (& Free @ Battle Mountain & New Orleans)

Caps & Gowns
Click on Image to Go Shopping — But Read Info Below First!

Brown (Libertarians), Green (Greens), and Gold (Constitution) will be up soon. By special request from some sisters of color as well as transpartisans, Purple has also been ordered and will be offered.

Red is Trumpers, Blue is Sandernistas (who are deeply and warmly welcomed to this UNITY campaign), White is Independents.  Black is NONE OF THE ABOVE, “People Not Parties.” Robert Steele, tour leader, wears BLACK.

$9.99 plus shipping.  I gave this order and make no money from these, only recovering the original investment to re-invest in more caps at low cost.


500 Caps will be given away free at Battle Mountain (in different colors as shown below); and again in New Orleans where we may give away 1,500 caps.

Anyone wearing a cap when they arrive at an event will be invited to be at the front of the crowd in prime position and thus also perfectly positioned to be first in line for the two hour meet and greet and photo ops that follow every staged event.

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