Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210512

Captain's Log

Kevin Jenkins will be sharing the lead coach with me, he gets the front lounge and four bunks exclusive to himself and an assistant if he brings one.  I have the rear lounge and four bunks I am using for storage).

If you want to give a shout out for Kevin Jenkins having his own coach, donate $101 (switching out from Michael Jaco, our love bubble consultant) and get others to donate in that amount as a source of prayers and respect for Kevin.

Kevin Jenkins (Diversity Commander)

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I will say without qualification that I consider Kevin Jenkins to be presidential material — America would be BLESSED to see him in a formal national leadership role.

In other news we are finding the Marriott hotel ecology to be absolutely the best nation-wide network around, not least because I find they have the best beds and best linens, most properties can handle oversize vehicles, and their sales managers (I have to deal with sales because anything over 4 rooms becomes “sales” statistic) have been super responsive as I call in from a bucking bronco of a coach to make on the fly arrangements as we cross to Nevada. Below are the photos from our stop in Lincoln, NE.

Administratively we are finding that neither the T-Mobile hotspots nor the coach Internet will suffice for our needs so we are ordering two direct satellite links with suction cup antennas for roof mounting.

Administratively we are finding that truck stops take too long to do black water dumps so I have ordered RV black water dumps and white water refills, we are going to do this perfectly.