Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210513


Today’s biggest hassle was Google Idiocy.  Even though I filed a travel plan with Google they are just too stupid (and too blase, they just don’t give a shit) to consider the needs of people who travel a lot.  Even after five separate verification attempts this moronic system cannot compute a person traveling.  Done with Google.  I have given the order to create our own email server. This is probably a blessing in disguise. [Addendum: it has been explained to me that this is how Google forces business people to buy a business version of GMail. …my bottom line is simple. Google is out of my life.] The tour, which was conceived on 7 March 2021, has distracted me from Web 3.0, but when we are done with this tour in September  I am going to turn my attention to burying Google and the rest of these scumbags that have destroyed everything that is good about how people interact, learn, and engage reality.

Today there were two highlights.

At a stop a couple of hours outside of Laramie, WY enroute to Salt Lake City, UT we stopped to climb a bit of mountain and our drone team showed off their mastery — I was STUNNED by how good these guys are, the movie footage of this tour is going to be EPIC…and then at the bottom of the hill we were hugged and saluted by various people, two of whom followed us from Laramie after seeing the coaches pass, almost magically, above their heads.

And then I furthered my interaction with Kevin Jenkins, who will be occupying the front half of the lead coach for this tour, he may bring an assistant, and we agreed on creating a special wrap back on one coach honoring the “Freedom Airway & Freedom Travel Alliance” or “FAFTA.” The FAFTA community is, as per their website, “a group of passionate trailblazers defending freedoms and rights to travel the world. We will protect people’s right to travel freely, embracing cultures, wildlife, and the environment while creating shared economic opportunities.” Kevin is also the considerably innovative founder and CEO of United Global Health Alliance. His biography and links are here:

Patriot: Kevin Jenkins

Today was a great day all things considered. The biggest news was that our appearance in New Orleans will be completely sponsored for a venue of at least 2,500 participants, and we are planning to make New Orleans our first “mega” event.  That is also where Trent Loos will join us, after he honors some special celebrations with his family that conflicted with our departure from Atlanta.  At this point Atlanta looks like a modest departure event with perhaps 250 “friends and family,” with Birmingham, where KCarl Smith is confirmed, as our first staged event.  Don’t miss the details at the below post:

Location 2: Birmingham Alabama 21 May 2021 – Includes Downloadable Flyer

Administratively we were able to spend time in Salt Lake City acquiring critical camera gear that is needed to properly document the EPIC celebration at Battle Mountain, Nevada, the details are here:

LOCATION A: Battle Mountain, NV 15 May 2021 Noon Agenda

Administratively I shipped to FedEx a debit card to the newly hired driver of the gear truck coming from Indiana with all the leased stage and audio gear; and I ordered two more debit cards for new hires with vital support roles who bring the permanent party to a total of 25.

Administratively I confirmed a solid budget for hologram technology being acquired not only for use for ARISE USA, but for follow-on tours around the world in which holograms will be used to cross-fertilize — to make easily accessible — major influencers without travel cost or constraint.  Hologram technology allows for both “canned” and live interactive engagement.  It is now coming into mainstream and I believe it will be a major factor in how we educate and inspire people going into the future.

Administratively I doubled our radio budget with another wire transfer of $25K.  The combination of radio and local media is certain to make “mainstream” media totally irrelevant to our reaching everyone that matters.

At this point I am very much at peace with how everything is going; I am quite certain we cannot be stopped by any combination of tactics such as were used against me in 2017 on the first #UNRIG tour; and I am equally certain that this tour will find a place in the history books. Have a listen to the short video below — this is how I feel about the 20-30% that may not attend to our national conversation seeking to restore faith, family, and freedom.

ARISE USA: Our Battle of Agincourt