Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210515 – Event A Battle Mountain NV

Captain's Log

Today could not have been grander or more All-American. Over 1,000 people  turned out in a light drizzle for what will surely go down in history as the Bunker Hill of the Constitutional Counties and Faith, Family, & Freedom movement.

I was moved by the number of people that recognized me and came up to offer hugs, prayers, and earnest respect.  I kept telling them this is not me, this is God’s will and I am a servant to a much larger divine process that has brought together the most extraordinary combination of participants in modern history.

It will take a day or so to process the imagery that was captured, including imagery from a drone flown by a commercially-licensed pilot who is also a skilled cinemaphotographer (director of photography including lighting).

You can view the live streaming (now recorded) here:

Arise-USA Resurrection Tour kick-off at Battle Mountain, Nevada!

I make the following observations:

01 There was exactly one idiot in a mask, who appeared to be there as a sanctimonious and hypocritical provocateur.  No others.

02 There were over 25 sheriffs, deputies, and others in uniform who were both security for the event and participants on stage (the chiefs) with Sheriff Richard Mack, the star of the show whom we came to support.

03 Most men had beards.

04 The women were both beautiful and in many cases packing sidearms.

05 The children were all-American, well-behaved with great grooming.

06 While there were a dozen or so “militia” in full camouflage clothing with military web gear and automatic weapons as well as side-arms, what really struck me was that they were anomalous — the “real” militia” was the crowd, many of them including women wearing side-arms, and not posturing — just ready to defend their children and their rights by any means necessary.

07 I and a couple of others including our top international volunteer Iris handed out colored caps in large black bags where “blind” selection was required to make the point that parties don’t matter — this is about people.

The favorite color by far was black for “none of the above” followed by red (Trumpers) and white (Independent). I made a mistake in making the caps too shallow.

One clever lady cut the top of her hat off and made it into a perfectly fitting eye shade.

08 Perhaps a fifth of the audience drove in from across Nevada and adjoining states and some flew in from further away, correctly assessing that this first event would be smaller and enable more engagement between the tour personalities and the public.

09 Characters abounded.  Below are two of my favorites.

10  This one statue captured the essence of this most patriotic county. I will treasure forever this moment in American culture and history.

11 God held off the worst of the weather until everyone was in their cars and heading for home.

Today was a blessed day in America the Beautiful. We the People are BACK.