Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210516 – Dashing for Atlanta

Captain's Log

Battle Mountain was a huge success, if you have not seen the extract of my 12 minutes here it is:

Arise USA Robert Steele’s First National Stump Speech At Battle Mountain, Nevada 15 May 2021

And see also the extract of the extraordinary Sheriff Richard Mack.

Mirror: Sheriff Richard Mack’s Brief Intro at Battle Mountain

Ground Commander Trent Loos is starting to provide video updates on the tour.

ARISE UPDATE: Ground Commander Update on Locations for 5/16/21

Below are some shots from today’s dash home — nine hour drives, the Internet is so bad we are sleeping on the coaches so we can work all night using hotel Internet.


We are rushing back for the 20 May start at the Atlanta TV studio, then 21 May in Birmingham and then on down to New Orleans where a sponsor is funding a 2,500 person venue.