Captain’s Blog, Stardate 20210517 – Lincoln, Nebraska, Mount Rushmore Update

Captain's Log

We are in Lincoln, Nebraska after a long day without Internet or cellular most of the way.  The T-Mobile hotspots are absolute shit and do not work.

Highlights today include the securing of a sponsor for a major venue (2,500) in New Orleans, and securing the premier park near Mount Rushmore for our mega-event that now includes confirmed tribal participation.

We finalized two more back wraps, one for Kevin Jenkins and one for the five greatest female champions of individual health sovereignty (Immanuel, Northrup, Popper, Tenpenny). We are also talking to organic food trucks that want to follow us and will do their own tour-related wraps.

Everywhere we go people come up to us, express admiration for the themes we are displaying (and this is only 2 of 6, wait until you see the other four including the Advance Team and the Patriot Streetfighter coaches.

We appear to have hit the unity sweetspot.  In as much as our tour is focused on unity and on truth & reconciliation, and we are going to be surrounded by both sheriffs and motorcyclysts, we are anticipating a smooth ride across all 84 stops.

The dash to Battle Mountain was absolutely worthwhile. All accounts are beyond positive, and that is just with the guerilla audio-visuals, the sophisticated stuff — delayed by shit Internet across Utah, Wyoming, and Nebraska — is about to start coming out.

And that brings me to the last point: Arise.World is now live and the new “artsy” landing page for those who want a professionally-managed website oriented toward audio-visuals.  I will continue to blog at  Here is a look:

Go to Arise.World for a look. I won’t be upset if you like them more.  I am what I am and I do not plan to change. is my personal blog for this tour.