Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210518 – Final Leg to Atlanta, $37K for Satellite Cellular

Captain's Log

Today was a grind — we are getting back to Atlanta Wednesday for a Thursday event with all six coaches and the gear truck at a TV studio, and then off to Birmingham on the 21st.  Motorcycles are always welcome, and we understand there will be covettes in the Milton-Pensacola area.

I am glad we did the run to and from Nevada, the bottom line is that T-Mobile and other hotspots are simply not serious for on-the-move needs, and totally totally inadequate for on-the-move live streaming and complex high resolution graphics.  So today I approved $37K for a satellite cellular system for the technical coach. It will be tested from Atlanta to New Orleans, if it works, I will consider a second installation for the Advance Team coach with our Ground Commander Trent Loos and our Tour and Security Managers. I will make do with what I can get from the coach company or my personal hotspot, I find that I do much of my work in the hotel.

Other major developments include the acquisition of which will become the central radio and social media site, while and Arise.World remain on the coach wraps and are the human face of the campaign.

The over-whelming impression I have from this run to and from Nevada, which reminds me of the time I drove across the USA in three days in an MGB nearly killing myself several times (including almost going over the hill with no guardrail while peaking near Flagstaff, Arizona) is that of WIDE OPEN SPACES. If we can throw the federal government out of most states west of the Mississippi, and implement free energy, unlimited desalinated water, high speed rate, high speed Internet, and local sovereignty, we have a new frontier waiting to explode with family farms, villages, and small cities.

Here are today’s two photos, the first at a truck stop about to enter Marion, Illinois and the second of the two coaches outside the Marriott in Marion, Illinois.

We will start announcing specific locations for both event venues and hotel departure points later this week.

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