Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210519

Captain's Log

We passed the million dollar mark last night in terms of funds obligated.  I have had to dip into my reserve. We have only raised about $880,000 in the past nine weeks but all signs point to another million being raised and all bills being paid. The coaches are half paid off, the audio 75% paid off, the two big bills remaining are hotels ($250K) and compensation ($400K) as well as hologram technology ($90K or more).

Tomorrow we take photos of all six coaches and the gear bus in one spot, and drive three of the coaches to the TV launch, and then all seven vehicles to Birmingham.

Today we also dumped the “bonded cellular” solution, we are looking at leasing special trucks for the big events and making do the rest of the way.

Below is a photograph of a dinner hosted by a great patriot, including several of our principals and our host at the TV studio tomorrow.

Now here are the “insider” photographs of the day.

Yes, Robert does his own laundry on the road.  And Robert cannot be blackmailed.  Below is the result of Robert’s weekly labor.