Patriot Tim Ray


Tim Ray is an award-winning, international, paradigm-shifting, visionary, speaker and a multi-platform media personality. As a savvy business owner and serial entrepreneur, Tim started his 1st business with only one employee (himself) and turned it into a business that now employs over 200 and is making Millions! Tim now owns several businesses and has devoted his time to help the world with his nonprofit, the United Intentions Foundation.

Tim Ray also goes by the “Conscious Voice of the South” on his hit media platform, United Intentions Media Network, a conscious media network that houses over 12 hosts in the US and UK.

Tim’s passion for consciousness spreads far and wide, with his children’s education program the Imagine If… program & his conscious media network. Ray’s mission is to spread positivity all while waking people up to the power of their intentions.


Host of Atlanta Event, 20 May 2021