PayPal Federal Lawsuit Update – Last Chance for CEO to Settle Prior to a Federal Filing


PayPal’s deplatforming of our non-profit which has a perfect record (100% refunds for perhaps 20 out of ten thousand donors) has cost us $10K a day (over $300K so far) and caused grievous harm to our reputation and our campaign for national unity.

Here is the original complaint letter written by tour participant and famed fighter-lawyer Joey Gilbert.

Legal Notice: Letter to PayPal CEO As Delivered

Below is their bullshit response.  I am going to feature  PayPal on every one of our 84 stages and in every TV and radio interview, as the poster child for fascist censorship in service to the Satanic Deep State. This will not stand. PayPal’s CEO has probably not been properly briefed on this, if he were he would understand that this service to the Deep State will cost him dearly.

We are seeking co-plaintiffs and witnesses against PayPal, send email to

We are especially interested in witnesses who can show emails where PayPal defames us by saying we are “disqualified,” and witnesses who can testify to PayPal’s tortious interference with their subscriptions to The Steele Report.