Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210520

Captain's Log

Today our first event could not have gone better. The crowd was small — 250 over the course of the late afternoon and early evening — but Lori O’Brien wowed everyone with her singing and will be accompanying us through to Memphis, then some additional spots, and including Mount Rushmore. Doing the event in partnership with a TV station made it a certain success.

I handed out 250 hats and later walked around with Miss Piggy.  I was told Facebook is blocking all references to ARISE USA Tour.

See the Location 1 Agenda here, as well as my personal photos.  I was busy handing out colored hats most of the time.  This was the first time all six coaches moved out together and we captured it via drone.

People kept thanking me for putting this together and I kept telling them this was God and higher powers, I and the other angels that have come together have come together because there is something divine going on here.

It was great to bring the tour staff together, we have top notch Tour Manager and Security Manager as well as Lead Driver. I am blessed to be mentored by people who have done all of this for decades.