Location 3: Milton, Florida from 2 PM


The tour will be at the following address from 2 pm: Jernigan’s Landing, 5158 Willing St., Milton, FL 32570. We are moving away from open mike periods and focusing on three hour events mixing meet and greet with staged event.  Robert is doing well with handing out hats as people gather, and the walking Miss Piggy around during the greet time.

The local organizer has it all together, we just show up and join the party.

Arise USA Tour – Faith, Family, and Freedom Festival

On the beautiful Blackwater River, downtown Milton, @Jernigans Landing! Spend the afternoon with your Santa Rosa County neighbors! Live Music, Food Trucks, Art, and Round Table discussions with some of the world’s leading minds and activists! It’s time to UNITE! ARISE PATRIOTS! Cost: FREE