Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210521

Captain's Log

Today was our first road event and it could not have gone better.  For the first time all six coaches were lined up, next time they will be in a shallow U formation.  We scored a major triumph with Cathy O’Brien speaking in public for the first time ever, and KCarl Smith, one of the greatest patriots we know, and founder of the Frederick Douglas Republicans focused on values and restoring the contrition.

The video we captured, including drone video, will be released to the public soon and will be COMPELLING.

NOTE: Each event is likely to have “surprise” speakers that we are chosing not to announce.  No event will be the same. We are creating a national conversation, a national story, that will be released in a new movie on or about 6 September 2021.

Administratively we secured a $1 million bond yesterday, and have two other insurance coverages being completed Monday, this tour is now bullet-proof, it cannot be stopped.