Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210522

Captain's Log

It was a long day but Milton, FL was a triumph, with two singers (Karin Staley and Lori O’Brien) and we were joined by Kevin Jenkin who was a rousing closer. New to the stage and also a hit is James “Peter” McBride, his bio will be posted tomorrow.

Tomorrow Location 4: New Orleans is the first time Trent Loos and Sheriff Mack are with us; they will be on most if not all stages from this point on; and we are also looking for Pryme Minister to join us as well as Dr. Sandra Rose. I will be wearing a tuxedo and serving as MC in a nightclub setting with a jazz band, free caps and free food are part of the deal.

Today’s big problem was toxic odors from a brand new bus affecting one of our principals, this required emergency action of various sorts and may require that I spend $30K to switch out buses, wrapping and bring in an older bus that no longer emits pressed plywood toxicity.

Today we also ended up doing a night run to New Orleans for lack of hotel availability in Milton (many graduations), making for a late night for everyone. BUT, we are now settled into standard tour practice, and the drivers were able to do the night run because during the event they were properly resting in a hotel, two to a room for a day rest.

Miss Piggy continues to be a hit. The cap continue to be a hit but I am reverting to industry standard, increasing black to 50% of the next order, and by Mount Rushmore we will be all black “none of the above political parties — just people.” I increased our room block at Mount Rushmore to 50 rooms, meaning we will have 20 stars on our stage for Mount Rushmore on the 4th of July, it will be GRAND.

Below are a few of my personal photos — I continue to be stunned by the number of grandmothers that think so highly of me, and today I did a special shout-out to mom’s rising, suggesting that this fight will be won by Moms, not men.