Patriot: Pryme Minister


Randell Moody (aka Pryme Minister) was born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut. Randell can attest to the forgiving power of Jesus Christ and the unconditional love that God showers on His children. Randell’s transformation from a life of crime and rebellion to a God driven and spirit led life is a testimony to the power of faith. He works with at risk youth as a mentor and facilitates youth and music conferences throughout New England. His is recording artist known as “Pryme Minister” and the host of a christian blog site PlatinumSouls.Com. He owns and operates his own recording studio and provides support to aspiring artist and producers. Randell is also an ordained minister and flows in a prophetic call.

As an artist, Pryme Minister is distinguished from his contemporaries by his unique approach to song writing and graceful style of lyricism. His music is described as passionate, melodic and thought provoking. Close your eyes and listen to the words of this poetic hip hop artist and the music will paint pictures in your mind. In the words of PM: ” When people ask me where I get my ideas from, I tell them the truth, its God speaking through me…” Pryme Minister takes-Christian rap music to another level, as you listen, you will quickly realize-this one is special.

On Tour:

23 May – Sunday –  New Orleans, LA

20 Aug – Friday –  Tampa, FL