Location 12: Stillwater, OK, May 31 4-7


May 31 4-7 PM
Payne County Expo Center
4518 Expo Cir E, Stillwater, OK 74075

Today we are going to balance lectures with conversation — folks seem to want more of us face to face than lecturing!

Miss Piggy will make an appearance (in her Yoda disguise).

The main act is YOU!  Time we show our strength in numbers!  We are on the march!

NOTE: This is a unity tour, a fellowship & civics engagement tour.  It is not a Trump tour and it is most certainly not an anti-vax tour, we are in the process of radically expanding our speakers to include non-fiction authors, get a taste here:

Top Non-Fiction Authors Invited to Join Tour

See our Library for a sense of the larger national issues we are addressing with practical solutions for both localized self-governance, and the restoration of integrity to how we elect and manage national, state, and local officials who are now in betrayal of the public trust.