Treason Most Foul in Memphis TN (Shelby Farm Rats)

Action Calls, Inspirational

Location 6: Memphis TN 25 May 4-7 PM LAST MINUTE CHANGE


The “management” of Shelby Farms Park cancelled a contractual arrangement with the non-profit educational sponsor of ARISE USA, and should be condemned by all citizens — particularly those in Memphis and surrounding states — some even flew in from Chicago — for their betrayal of the public trust.

Below is an email from an outraged citizen that includes an email address for these traitors who after cancelling refused to answer their telephones.  Shame on them.  Fire them!  Let them know what you think of their perfidy.

Date: May 25, 2021 at 1:52:31 PM CDT
To: [shut down in fear use below address to write]

Subject: Cancellation of Arise USA Tour

To Whomever is in charge of booking events,

I am curious as to why you would make a last minute cancellation to the pre-arranged, contracted event that was to be held today on Tuesday, May 25. Not only were hundreds of people who had made changes to their daily plans in order to attend disappointed, but those THOUSANDS of us online viewer who had never heard of you UNTIL NOW will begin to form an extremely unfavorable opinion of your business and it’s unscrupulous practices- and we will be sure to share our opinion far and wide.

My (admittedly uninformed) opinion is that someone in a position of power and/or influence overrode your common sense of decency and patriotism and where you might have used your sovereignty and free will as an American, caved in to Fear and Greed, and cancelled the event, which is so sorely needed in this country, as evidenced in what just happened in your case.

For the last 50 years, in every level of government, corruption and greed have caused the good people like your children and grandchildren to be lied to, stolen from, and have seen their heritage robbed – and it has been with the acquiescence of the silent majority.

We are silent no longer. This tour exists for YOU and YOUR children’s right’s. YOU might have benefited from listening. Open your eyes, if they’re shutting this tour down, they’re coming for YOU next.


ROBERT STEELE: This has happened to many truthers. The way this works is that Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and its new expanded Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), both fronts for the Deep State, mobilize paid and volunteer trolls to flood the cubicle rats managing any given venue with calls and emails denouncing patriotic and truther elements in a manner easily qualified for a federal trial and judgement on three counts: conspiracy to cyber-stalk; conspiracy to defame; and tortious interference.  These people have no idea just how powerful the public movement against them is — nor do they seem to grasp the implications of a massive class action lawsuit against them (the ADL and CCCH specifically) once we have at least five specific instances for a federal lawsuit with discovery. I praise God for the day that I know is certain to come: the eradication of the ADL and the CCDH as criminal conspiracies in service to the Deep State (1%) generally and to Israel (the Zionist Red Mafiya never to be confused with Judaism) specifically. Truth & Reconciliation is my objective, but I will join with the public to bury these traitors over the next year or so if they do not cease and desist their treasonous criminal conspiracies against the USA and the public interest.

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