Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210527 – Federal Lawsuits and More

Captain's Log

I am tired but happy. Blessings in my life include — in addition to Sheriff Richard Mack who inspired this tour back in early March — Ground & Rural Commander Trent Loos, Diversity & Urban Commander Kevin Jenkins, Cyber-Commander Jimmie Schwinn, Publicist Scotty Saks, and our new Mom’s Commander Tina Griffin. Along with my guest and the team we have built so quickly but based on absolute trust, we are invincible.

A handful of others are trusted advisors, including one billionaire and several deca-millionaires who are NOT donating to the campaign — it must be of, by, and for We the People — but they are providing access to legal and other talents that are clearing the way for a sustainable triumph and year-long operations from now until 2024 and beyond.

We have been without major challenges,  We have two federal lawsuits under development, one against AIG (Maurice Greenberg) and the various insurance underwriters that appear to have been ordered to refuse insurance to ARISE USA tour; and another against the ADL and “Center for Countering Digital Hate” that are engaging in various forms of conspiracy, cyber-stalking, defamation, and tortious interference. Others will bring Les Wexner and the dirty dozen Zionists and alleged traitors, Wall Street criminals, and Satanic pedophiles to justice, my focus is on restoring integrity to the USA starting with Constitutional Counties, mobilizing parents and grandparents, and mandating the #UNRIG Election Reform Act in time for 2022.

I have had to ban some people, cancel speaking invitations made without my authority (there is some evidence others have been seeking to profit from this tour and at the same time undermine this tour with disinformation), and I am looking carefully at how we completely restructure the speaking roster to integrate constitutionalists, pastors, non-fiction authors, and individuals recommended by Trent, Kevin, and Tina — we already have Richard inviting Constitutional Sheriffs to speak at every one of our events.

On balance I am satisfied that we now have a smoothly running operation. Radio to produce crowds and videos to produce donations are now advancing as they should. Our Tour Manager, Security Manager, on the road staff of 20 and behind the scenes staff of 40 are now working smoothly and the chains of command are clear. I talk to my commanders, they talk to their staffs, and no one gets between me and my vision for this tour as shared by my commanders. My Lead Driver & my Coach Boss in Atlanta both tell me that as a rookie, I have pulled off a tour that far exceeds the grace and organization of most long-running band tours. I am treating everyone decently, including single rooms at each stop in part because this is a 111-day tour and people need privacy each day.  Your donations make it possible for me to a kind leader.

I was surprised to see that I have not posted for several days, time just blurs on the road and while I am sleeping each night in a comfortable bed, I am up until  midnight or later  and awake at five each morning.  This is a grind.

Please encourage folks who have NOT donated to JOIN THE FIGHT.  We need to raise $100K a week to complete the tour with debts.

Perhaps the most significant new development is the bonding between Trent Loos, Kevin Jenkins, Tina Griffin, and myself, with Sheriff Richard Mack now sitting in on our conference calls. Kevin and are going to create a new national foundation focused on continuous public education and mobilization in the civics and active  democracy domains.  We are talking about a winter tour and a year-round program at the county level. I cannot imagine doing this with Trent and Tina. It will be unconventional and universal.

Apart from what I am doing, I will support the separate endeavors starting with the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) — JOIN THE POSSE — and My Patriots Network which provides county-level forums for citizens to share information and mobilize — but I will not allow this tour to be co-opted by those seeking to divert attention from the core issue of public power — toward their pet rocks.

The people we are meeting are such decent hard-working Americans, and I find that grandmothers are one of the most important and represented groups within our audiences. The grandmothers remember the tribulations of the past and can read the warning signs for the future. We are all coming together with a focus on the future of children. If we do not fight now against tyranny in all its forms including particularly federal, state, and local abuse of their authority as elected and appointed officials are bribed, blackmailed, and brainwashed to serve the 1% and betray the 99%, then we have no future and our children will be slaves. We are encountering weeping with both fear and joy, and depth and breadth of the spiritual, emotional, and patriotic feelings that envelop us at each event cannot be overstated.

On this latter point: our predominantly white audience, but with a growing number of black Americans showing up, is reacting very strongly to the underlying theme of the campaign, to wit, truth frees you, masks enslave you. At root however, this tour is NOT about lockdowns or masks, but about the truth and freedom — individual sovereignty across all domains.

The most important thing I am doing in the next couple of days is ensuring that two thirds of the speakers “booked” by a person that has been dismissed from the campaign orbit (and is in fact banned from appearing at any venue or riding any coach I control) are removed.  I control all the websites and have wiped out all the speakers posted without my authority. In the next couple of days the leadership cell — myself, Trent, Kevin, Tina, and Richard– will integrate and select from among the following lists:

  • Influencers as organized by Susan Sweetin of Urban Global Health Alliance
  • Non-fiction authors as reviewed Robert David Steele
  • Ground truth speakers recommended by Trent and Kevin
  • Parents Rising, Moms Rising recommended by Tina
  • Constitutionalists and Pastors

While I should have paid more attention to this earlier on, the reality is that I had to focus on the fund-raising and the massive complexity of getting six coaches, wraps, drivers, staff, equipment, and more, on the road with just two months of planning. I have succeeded, not because I am smart or special, but because God’s will has been served.  I serve God and I serve America and I serve humanity, particularly children whose future intelligence, integrity, and imagination all depend on our smashing the Deep State in the here and now.

To this I pledge my life and sacred honor.