Shelby County Traitors — With Commissioner Emails – Let’s Take Our Power for a Drive . . . Use the Posted Emails to Inquire: Are You Stupid, Inattentive, or Owned by Deep State?

Action Calls

From: Trudy REDACTED > Date: May 27, 2021 at 12:39:15 AM CDT

Subject: For Your Information: Embarrassing and abrupt failure of Shelby Farms to honor contract

Shelby County Commissioners Whaley and Wright:

I see that you both are listed as appointees of the NPO for Shelby Farms: Shelby Farms Park Conservancy Board.

I ask that you look into the outrageous cancellation of a contractually made event. The contract between Robert David Steele’s ARISE USA and Shelby Farms was broken when the bus tour (ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT, Tues. May 25, 2021) was denied entry and agreed-upon use of the area in Shelby Farms.

Such an abrupt ending of a large scale planned event no doubt will end up in a law suit in coming weeks. The event (on-the-road show, still in progress across the country) was completely shut out here in our Shelby County. Innumerable locals and persons traveling here for the event have been disappointed, not to mention the financial losses to all involved. How can this sort of bad-business behavior be tolerated?

I ask for your investigation of this outrage! You will have to answer to those who contracted with Shelby Farms Park Conservancy, and you will be called upon to answer to locals whose event was disrupted illegally!

Please advise of the outcome of your inquiry.

Cordova, TN