Patriot: Marlene McMillan


Dr. Marlene McMillan, author of Mountains of Deceit: How the Dialectic Process has infected the Culture that is essential to understanding Political Correctness, is an international speaker known as “The Nation’s Expert on the Principles of Liberty.” Dr. Marlene’s books are timely, readable, teachable, and currently being used in weekly study groups in many different venues. You can join her by signing up for her complimentary weekly webinar at

Other books by Dr. McMillan include: The Five Pillars of Liberty, Declaration of Dependence, 31+ Blatantly Ignored Causes of Poverty, and Thoughts on Forgiveness. She produces a weekly webinar dealing with Law, Government, History, Economics, and Education, taking big ideas and explaining them in a practical empowering way.

Dr. Marlene is a homeschool pioneer and mother of seven whom she homeschooled through high school. She has been a precinct chair and lobbied extensively. She is a regular radio show guest as well as speaker and author. You may not agree with her, but she will always make you think.

Dr. Marlene has a bachelor of science, a Master of Divinity, and a Doctor of Ministry in Church and State Relations. She has been a front-line warrior for Liberty on multiple fronts.

“People who live in Liberty think differently than people who live in bondage.”™️

“Liberty – the opportunity to make a choice to assume responsibility and accept the consequences thereof.”™️

On Tour: 

29 May – SATURDAY – Fredericksburg, TX