Location 14: Kansas City, 2 June 4-7 pm Location Changed


New Location June 2 Kansas City, It is 30 miles East of Kansas City proper

Fahrmeier U-Pick Market & Winery
9133 County Farm Road
Lexington, MO 64067

The main act is YOU!  Time we show our strength in numbers!  We are on the march!

NOTE: This is a unity tour, a fellowship & civics engagement tour.  It is not a Trump tour and it is most certainly not an anti-vax tours, we are in the process of radically expanding our speakers to include non-fiction authors, get a taste here:

Top Non-Fiction Authors Invited to Join Tour

See our Library for a sense of the larger national issues we are addressing with practical solutions for both localized self-governance, and the restoration of integrity to how we elect and manage national, state, and local officials who are now in betrayal of the public trust.