No Longer Right vs. Left, the Real #UNRIG Fight Is Elites vs. the Citizens


Tired of establishment status quo bullshit from both parties? Join Robert David Steele in the good fight to #UNRIG from the broken US political system.

First and foremost on the #UNRIG agenda is to straighten out the narrative.

The US political landscape has shifted significantly and irreversibly since the 1990s –- we have crossed the Rubicon, as it were, and there is no going back now. What’s really going on in American politics?

Among the ranks of the astroturfed, establishment, Ivy League media, there are those who still – despite a total lack of evidence or common sense — believe that xenophobic hatred, or Russian interference, or misogyny secured an unprecedented Trump victory in 2016.

None of those explain the true zeitgeist among the US electorate at play then, or now in 2021.

The conventional corporate media elites — CNN pundits and New York Times columnists chief among them — fundamentally misunderstand the most powerful forces that swung the 2016 election: you and millions of everyday Americans just like you.

This disconnect between elite corporate media and average Americans is why HuffPo — and virtually every other corporatized media outlet –predicted 90%+ odds of a 2016 Clinton victory, perhaps the single greatest political miscalculation in the history of modern political analysis.

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