Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210605 – New Foundation, Mount Rushmore

Captain's Log

Today I conceptualized and then refined a new national foundation, perhaps to be called #UNRIG – Foundation for Sovereign Citizenry, whose mission will be unite the 99% and provide free membership, free truthful information, and free Web 3.0 communications channels and sense-making tools that cannot be censored or manipulated.

The permanent party leaders of the ARISE USA tour will be the executive committee.

Membership will also be open to non-citizens who will be entitled to full access to all free information and to the channels and tools, but whose opinions will be factored in at the forum level, but not at the voting level.

Practically speaking our objective will be to provide truthful information at the local, state, and national levels, and an email and text coordination network that can put 1,000 people into any local meeting, 5,000 people into any state level meeting, and 25,000 people into any national meeting.

People, not parties. Authentic, inclusive, & truthful.  Cannot be bribed or blackmailed, or brainwashed. We will help restore Sovereign Citizenry and in the process sharply reduce national, state, and local bureacracies; eliminate most if not all regulations imposed by the 1% for their benefit; and establish a process for rapidly identifying and then removing any elected or appointed official (or any contracted party) that can be shown to be making decisions that are not in the public interest and not in keeping with public intelligence.

We are on to something huge.

 – – –

Mount Rushmore will be epic. We are seeking a $250K grant for that event, and expect to confirm it next week.  My preliminary concept for Mount Rushmore is as follows:

  • PM 3 July. Sponsors and speakers dinner & round table
  • AM 4 July. Cowboy church service at dawn with rising sun in the park
  • AM 4 July. Inspirational speakers interspersed with singers and music
  • Noon 4 July. Bring Your Own picnic while our 25 speakers mingle
  • PM 4 July. Informational speakers interspersed with singers and music
  • PM 4 July. Light show ending with prayer and patriotic songs.
  • PM 4 July.  Sponsor & Foundation leadership dinner & prayer meeting.

This will be live-streamed and covered by drone throughout.