Patriot: Bradley R. Meyer


Bradley R. Meyer D.O., Family Physician

Dr. Meyer’s Health Wellness Mission: Patient Centered, Holistic Care Using Diverse Treatment Modalities Including Amino Acid Nutrition And Hyperbarics

Dr. Meyer is an Iowa Native. He calls the “Iowa Great Lakes” in NW Iowa home. Dr. Meyer received his undergraduate degree with honors in biology from the University of Iowa and his medical degree from Des Moines University. Dr. Meyer is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, separating in 2011 as a Major. He completed his Family Medicine Residency at Offutt Air Force Base and at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha.

Thereafter, he was the Chief of Family Medicine at Moody AFB in Valdosta Georgia. While there, he deployed to the Middle East providing routine and emergency medical care in a remote location. Wanting to be closer to family, he returned to Iowa in 2011. He was employed by Unity Point in the Des Moines area as a Family Physician. In 2018 Dr. Meyer returned to his hometown area of the “Iowa Great Lakes” to work as a Family Physician. He was employed by Avera Health, out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. His contract was terminated by his employer in March, 2021 after discussing the C-19 experimental injections with his patients and prescribing Ivermectin to treat C-19. Dr. Meyer used IV NAC after consultation with Dr. Edward. F Fogarty III MD, a Radiologist out of North Dakota to treat a patient in the hospital with worsening C-19 symptoms. Her illness dramatically improved, and she was discharged home from the hospital the day after Dr. Meyer was terminated. This experience emboldened Dr. Meyer to speak out against the Corporate Medical Industrial Complex and the control they exert preventing a physician’s autonomy in the practice of medicine. He most recently shared his story on the ARISE-USA Tour in Wahoo, Nebraska. He is working with Dr. Edward F. Fogarty III MD to bring a Hyperbaric, “mitochondrial medicine”, and Amino Acid Nutrients (“The Purple Powder”) to combat C-19 and treat many chronic medical conditions. Boji-MoPlatte Hyperbarics plan to serve the upper Midwest out of both Iowa and Nebraska, with the initial Wellness Center located in Okoboji. profit-over-h.html

On Tour:

3 June 2021, Wahoo, NE

4 July 2021, KEYSTONE, SD

5 July 2021, Pierre, ND

6 July 2021, Menoken ND

9 July 2021, Yankton, SD


Dr. Bradley Meyer at Arise USA in Yankton, SD

Dr. Bradley Meyer at Arise USA in KEYSTONE, SD

Dr Bradley Meyer at Arise USA in Piere, ND

Dr. Bradley Meyer at Arise USA in Menoken, ND