Patriot: Myrian Mendez Shelton


My name is Myrian Mendez and I was born in Bogota Colombia. Orphaned from my dad when I was 5 and from my mother when I was 14. In my 20’s, I came to the United States with my first husband. After so much physical and mental abuse, he left me (good thing), but on the other hand having 1-year-old baby boy and being 2 months pregnant with another boy, things didn’t look good for me. But, with the strength that only God can give, my journey of a fighting women started at that moment.
With the opportunities that this great Nation offers, I was able to work 2 to 3 jobs at the same time, ex; I would go shovel snow at 2 am, and after 6 hours I would go clean a house, then later I would go do filing.

Since, I always wanted to do better in life and be a good example to my kids, I took every opportunity I had to educate myself. I became a Real Estate agent, a loan officer, a notary, Spanish interpreter and more. I was not only able to raise my 2 young boys, give each a car on their high school graduation day, but, I was also able to purchase a townhouse and later on purchase a brand-new car.
I’m grateful to God who has been by my side, and who has been guiding and protecting me, always. I’m also thankful because he has allowed me to live in the best Country in the world.
Today, living in the State of Colorado and after 13 years of being married again, my husband and I are so ready to fight for the Freedom of this great Nation. We are getting educated about this country and by using many educated sources, we have been able to learn how important The Constitution of the United States of America is. We are fighting the good fight to reclaim our Freedom, which has been taken from us for too many years.

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