Countdown to Mount Rushmore: DONE, Start 50 Stop Victory Lap, Seeking 150 Joins a Day

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We invite 5,000 more Patriots to JOIN THE FIGHT.  If you have already donated and become a Founding Citizen, please help us recruit three more Founding Citizens, each.  150 joins a day pays all bills.

If you have not donated, watch this five minute video and decide if this is a fight you want to be a part of.

The Tour’s Purpose in Five Minutes

NEW: Public Briefing (see also Library)

Mount Rushmore is Locations 38 & 39.  There are over 50 more locations after Mount Rushmore, see the detailed schedule out to 28 August here.

Location 39 (4 July): Keystone Park

All donors of $1000 or more are guaranteed VIP ALL ACCESS pass all day on 3rd & 4th.  Here to the side is an image of the pass which has holographic fraud measures embedded.  We have 75 of these, 25 are still available.  The badges and a black #UNRIG cap are lifetime souvenirs for each VIP.

All others free on first come strictly controlled basis (only 250 public free spots but we will do same show twice – one in AM once in PM if demand warrants, BYO picnic lunch we will mingle during two hour lunch break.  $1,000 donations are tagged at the link below and automatically added to the Mount Rushmore VIP pass list.

Location 38 (3 July): Deadwood, Mount Rushmore, Custer Park, Meals & Drinks

VIP and Permanent Party only, controlled access with badges.