Location 36: Mount Rushmore 0800 Cowboy Service 1000 First Show 1200 BYO Picnic Mingling 1600 Second Show IF Money Materializes Light Show or Fireworks


Keystone City Park
915 Watson St,
Keystone, SD 57751

Trent Loos, our Ground Commander, has secured exclusive rights to the Keystone Park two miles from Mount Rushmore; Keystone is the home of Mount Rushmore (Rapid City is the larger city close to but not home to Mount Rushmore).

While I am being asked to charge money for admission to the park, which has a total capacity of 350, I am reluctant to do this.


At this time I am doing the following:

01 The 20 or so prior donors of $1,000 or more — and any new donors of $1,000 or more up to 100, will be guaranteed full access regardless of when they choose to show up — they will be issued credentials by our security team which will have a list (the rate covers immediate family).  Here is the VIP package for 3-4 July with rides on our five wrapped coaches:

Location 35: Deadwood, Mt. Rushmore, Custer Park VIP Program 3 July

02 I have decided to do our show TWICE on the 4th of July if and only if the crowd warrants it, i.e. if we have to turn people away when we do our 10 am show then we will repeat the show that afternoon-evening.  The money has NOT materialized to allow us to offer a light show so right now we plan to end by 8 pm. I am committed to free public access for up to 250 at a time.

We are informed that the Internet may not be available in the park for live streaming, we will plan to load the video of our cowboy church service and our first show at lunchtime on the 4th.

Confirmed for the open air cowboy church service at 0800:

Confirmed with the ARISE USA tour (more names soon):