Location 39: Mount Rushmore Keystone Updated with More Photos


Keystone City Park
915 Watson St.
Keystone, SD 57751

Video link and photos below.

Trent Loos, our Ground Commander, has secured exclusive rights to the Keystone Park two miles from Mount Rushmore; Keystone is the home of Mount Rushmore (Rapid City is the larger city close to but not home to Mount Rushmore).

While I am being asked to charge money for admission to the park, which has a total capacity of 350-450, I will not do this. We will however offer our #UNRIG caps for sale, $20 each, or 6 for $100.  I have 1,000 of them to sell for cash or check, we are not able to accept credit cards in the field.

Access to our location is FREE with the caveat that VIP All Access Pass families have priority and unlimited entry in and out.

We have received a superb offer to assure Internet live streaming and expect to project the morning to various channels including Trent Loos’ Rumble.

Confirmed for the open air cowboy church service at 0800:

Confirmed with the ARISE USA tour main event at 1000:

Participating in the afternoon event at 1800:

The afternoon event, without a stage, pioneered a new aspect of our tour, true interactive citizen wisdom council engagement facilitated by Lincoln Bob, and an optional swearing of an Oath to defend and protect  the US Constitution from all enemies domestic and foreign. These will become standard elements of our tour for the fifty remaining stops.

Highlights of this event include:

a) Declaring victory. The next 50 stops are a victory lap.

b) Announcing 99vs1, a new national organization committed to empowering people over parties, the truth over lies, and honest government over dishonest government.

c) Confirmation of dates for 2022, 15 September – 15 November, and doing the tour every year through 2024 and probably beyond.


Live stream video from morning event is here:

Live From Mt. Rushmore : Happy Independence Day

Next event in Pierre, SD here.

Cowboy Church


Main Event:


Evening Event: