Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210611 – the Forgotten Walk with Jesus, Censored by Design

Captain's Log

I am seeing three things as I travel across the heartland:

01 These are the forgotten and abandoned people, which is a tragedy because there is more all-American goodness in any ONE of these people than can be found in entire neighborhoods of self-absorbed posturing fools on either coast.

02 Jesus walks with and within these people. Faith, family, and freedom are alive and well in the heartland, in stark contrast to the decrepitude and lack of values including integrity that I find characteristic of the East and West coasts.

03 The Internet sucks.  This is by design. These people are being digitally censored and marginalized precisely because they represent everything that is good about America the Beautiful. Should I be blessed by God in my next fight — the Open Source Agency and Web 3.0, the heartland will be my first priority.