Mount Rushmore: 50 Special Access Passes $1000 Each


I have declined to sell tickets for our limited access park (350 places) at the base of Mount Rushmore, the most exclusive real estate on the planet on the 4th of July.  Instead I have triaged between special assess passes for past and future donors of $1000 or more (transferable to friends if unable to attend personally); free all day special access to those who join us at 0500 for the sunrise church service; and first come first served free access with no right of return for the rest. I am also planning to do two duplicate programs, one at 1000 and one at 1600, to open the possibility of being present to a second 300 or so.

DONATE $1000, for a special access pass at Mount Rushmore. The special credentials will be yours to keep as a momento of your presence at the dawning of a new era of self-governance.