USA 99 TOUR 2022 – Call For Concepts & Timing

Action Calls

There is no way any of us want to do a 111 day tour again. We are toying with three options:

  • June – July
  • August – September (county and state fairs)
  • May, July, September

The purpose of the USA 99 tour will be two-fold:

a) to inspire over 2,000 counties to declare themselves to be Constitutional Counties no longer tolerating federal, state, and local overreach and abuse;

b) to inspire free membership in our new national organization, USA 99, such that citizens and parents can be easily deputized by sheriffs one neighborhood at a time, and can self-organize to dominate any local, state, or federal issue.

Please join the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association (open to all including international); find your County Forum at My Patriots Network, and use the email to tell me what you think makes sense for next year (and 2023 and 2024).

Now that we have Red Flyer as our Technical Team, we can make do with four coaches (Advance, Command, CSPOA, Talent), the Red Flyer, and the Gear Bus.  It will again be a $2M event.  I will not start raising money for USA 99 until I have paid all the bills for this tour (and released the three movies on #UNRIG Elections, Wall Street Treason & Crime, Satanic Pedophilia.

I work for all of you. Please advise me on 2022, I have to reserve the coaches now — this week as all signs are that the country will be fully open by Christmas and the coach business is going to be BOOMING in 2022.

JOIN THE FIGHT! Donate once (and recruit others to donate) here.