Location 38: VIP Program Updated with Photos



  • 0800 gather at hotel, receive passes/caps
  • 0900 mount five coaches for trip to Custer State Park, group photo with coaches (and bison local circumstances permitting)
  • 1330 Group photo with coaches at Mount Rushmore if local traffic control permits, lunch provided
  • 1600 Historic Deadwood, photo in Deadwood
  • 1900 Return to hotel, mingle with ARISE USA principals in breakfast area reserved for us, drinks and light dinner.

Access to and from the park assured by the VIP passes that are permanent momentos.  Drivers and park have asked that we NOT shuttle people.

Photos from the day below, will be updated as more photos taken.

The Day Begins

No one else has five wrapped coaches going to Mount Rushmore, doing 90 stops (4 wrapped coaches from 5 July since Red Flyer replaces the original technical coach).
No one else has a gear truck and technical bus.
No one else has a cycle scout and Advance Team coach.
No one else has five coach drivers with a radio network and a cycle scout running point.

Custer Bison Park

Abe Lincoln and Cycle Lead at Custer Bison Park

Group Photos at Custer Bison Park

Coach 1
Coach 2
Coach 3
Coach 4

Mount Rushmore