Constitutional Counties Updated 25 July 2021

Constitutional Counties

The ARISE USA tour is committed to the core concept that Constitutional Counties are how we restore public power over federal and state governments and private organizations now controlled by the 1% against the public interest.

Nevada is in the lead with five declared Constitutional Counties:

  • Lander County
  • Elko County
  • Lyon County
  • White Pine County
  • 5th county pending my being informed of name

Forthcoming: a county in Iowa and a county in Nebraska.

In Washington the Sheriff has declared Klickitah County to be a Constitutional County against the opposition of the Commissioners loyal to the Deep State. Fortunately he does not need their permission to do what he has done.

A Constitutional Sheriff enforces the Bill of Rights and opposes unconstitutional encroachment by federal, state, and local officials that have more often than not been bribed, blackmailed, or brainwashed by the 1% and their agents, among which the Republican and Democratic parties are top fronts for imposing unconstitutional and often barbaric regulations on the 99%.

In Idaho and Nebraska several Constitutional Counties are emergent, supported by strong Governors who are reasserting state sovereignty in the face of an out of control federal government whose branches are controlled by the 1% against the 99%.  Maryland, a bastion of Satanic pedophilia evil, now has several sheriffs considering a Constitutional declaration.

We now believe we can achieve 25 Constitutional Countries this year, 100+ next year, and over 2,000 by 2024. The tour has helped this movement achieve critical mass.  God is great.

We salute Sheriff Richard Mark, who has labored to advance this idea since 1994, and urge one and all to join the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) that is open to the public who can join as members of the Posse.

If you believe in restoring Faith, Family, & Freedom as the foundational covenant for self-governance before God, please donate to help us bring our Constitutional County and Faith, Family, & Freedom message to the Eastern states.  We need $15,000 a day to finish the tour and pay all the bills.  Communities desiring to sponsor our visit with a $15,000 check or wire transfer are invited to communicate directly to

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