Robert Steele: Solutions Lecture 1.3

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This is my new lecture for the tour.  I plan to give it only once and then include a reference to the video and the documents in my slightly expanded stump speech.

This is the only tour (or conference) in the USA that is presenting actionable serious integrated solutions.

Steele on Solutions

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America First: What Does This Mean?


Form a more perfect union 50 sovereign states, none subverted by UK or Israel, all operating under the Constitution
Establish justice Weaponize NSA against judges, prosecutors, chiefs of police, CIA, and FBI rogue elements
Insure domestic tranquility God rules, shared family values with perverts not normalized, full employment, Web 3.0
Provide for the common defense Defensive military not offensive predatory military serving the 1%, close all military bases abroad, redirect intelligence toward decision-support, away from covert actions
Promote the general welfare Healthy, educated public able to pursue happiness in context of Constitutional Sheriffs and deputized gun-packing mamas in every neighborhood
Secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity CHILDREN are the future – we must create healthy, intelligent, engaged children who grow into self-sufficient patriots.

Implementation Concepts – If I Were President


  • #UNRIG Election Reform Act
  • Restore Sovereign States, add Council of Governors
  • Web 3.0 – Tools for Thinking – 100% Truthful Information Online
  • Convention of States to Redress the Bill of Rights – certify, modify, repeal
    • Double down 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th
    • Modify & expand 1st, 7th, 12th, 13th, 27th
    • Repeal 11th, 14th, 16th, 17th, 22nd, 25th
  • Restructure White House – 3 Deputy Vice Presidents
    • DVP Education, Intelligence, & Research – Chaplain, Culture, Education, Intelligence, OMB, Patents, Research, Strategy
    • DVP Commonwealth – Agriculture & Water, Health, Interior integrating Energy & Environment, Justice, Labor integrating Veterans’ Affairs and No Senior Left Behind, Transportation & National Design, Treasury
    • DVP Global Engagement – Commerce integrating Trade, Defense, State, Inter-Agency Development Command, Peace College
    • Abolish National Security Council, Replace with Grand Strategy Council
    • Open Source Agency as Driver for Public Policy & Public Budget, President’s Own

Fundamentals in Brief

The purpose of the Constitution is to preserve public power and enrich the 99%

Constitutional Counties, Sovereign States, and Termination of Federal Autonomy is the way

Educated engaged public is the foundation of national power & sustainable self-governance

Corporations are not people, managers must be liable, and agents of foreign powers crushed

Universal high speed Internet and digital anonymity, identity, privacy, security fundamental

Without truthful holistic analytics & true cost economics we cannot make sound decisions

Termination of the two-party tyranny, combined with #UNRIG Election Reform, is first step

White House restructuring leads to restructuring of Congress and bureaucracy

Open Source Agency & Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) can drive wealth creation

Closing all our military bases and terminating our support for 460+ dictators & fascists essential

Must use NSA against traitors, elite pedophiles, Wall Street criminals, and corrupt officials

Confiscating $100 trillion from Wall Street makes all things possible including job retraining
Heath must be a free public service, holistic, and including termination of NIH, CDC, Big Pharma

Land must be under local ownership & control, with all toxic externalities eliminated

Every county should strive for self-sufficiency in food, water, energy, education, credit, Internet

Free energy and unlimited desalinated water will power new frontier of villages & family farms

Justice must be achieved using NSA against DoJ, FBI, SEC, corrupt judges & prosecutors
Economic prosperity includes end of incomes taxes, debt jubilee, 80% cut in regulations

Families with faith in God are core, “anything goes” culture and perversion by design Satanic

Must reverse decades of using crime, drugs, and environment as Deep State profit centers

The hero’s journey is both individual and communal – accepting Jesus is the starting point.


Election 2008: Lipstick on the Pig (Issues)


Economic Issues

Budget & Economy: Balanced Budget, End Borrowing & Debt, Close Federal Reserve, Gold Standard, Confiscate $100 Trillion from Wall Street; Paid Job Retraining & Relocation

Government Reform: #UNRIG Election Reform Act, balanced budget, line item veto, office of strategy, three deputy vice presidents (education-intelligence-research, commonwealth, global engagement), end winner take all in Cabinet and in Congress (proportional leadership assignments, no party line voting).

Social Security: Protect in context of health care as a public service; funded job re-training; one-income families, multi-generational households, restore villages and family farms are core.

Tax Reform: End all income taxes; implement county-level transaction taxes that include currency & stock and corporate supply chain transactions, collected and apportioned from county to state to federal government in context of balanced budget overseen by Senators.

Technology & Infrastructure: High speed Internet as a public service with upload as well as download speeds uniform across the land; USPS to offer free validated secure emails to all US citizens and legal residents for self-governance purposes; shift to Open Source Everything Engineering including tractors; shift to anonymous banking and local credit unions; wind down cities and communities in flood plains; open the West with free energy and unlimited desalinated water; down-size and revitalize cities with free energy and vertical farms in malls.

Welfare & Poverty: Use the $100 trillion confiscated from Wall Street to pay off the national debt, forgive all student, health, and small business loans, provide salaried job re-training and re-location; control borders and expel illegal aliens; end “expert” visas; in context of end of income tax close down the foundations and non-profits used by 1% and foreign governments to sabotage US culture, economy and government, starting with  Ford and Rockefeller Foundations and the Anti-Defamation League.

Social Issues

Abortion: Strongly support pro-life choices, but woman ultimately decides.  Praise Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for his Stare Decisis judgment on Roe v. Wade.  Life does begin at conception; mother’s rights end with start of second trimester.

Corporations: Overturn CITIZENS UNITED, end limited liability – all managers liable. End vaccination courts, end mandatory arbitration, end impunity of corporations particularly pharmaceutical and agricultural enterprises, end obstacles to unionization while imprisoning corrupt union and professional association officials. Mandate one set of books; impose severe penalties on stock manipulation including jail for corporate executives.

Education: Parents control education at home and in schools; school board serve at the pleasure of a majority of parents; history, civics, art, music, physical standards restored; apprenticeships in the trades in high school and the professions in college; universal service with five paths after common boot camp (armed forces, peace corps, first responders, cyber, farms & wetlands).  Values based, eradicate transgenderism and repressive tolerance, teachers best paid professionals in the land based on merit.

Families & Children: Economy & society that favors one-income families, multi-generational households in pocket neighborhood and village settings; eradicate poisons from all foods and beverages; end poisoning of atmosphere, soil, water; restore patriotism as a core value. Create a special program to release all non-violent prisoners, especially black fathers, provide them with funded job training and family relocation expenses, strip the cities and open the West.  Prohibit all entertainment industry & social or other media endeavors to undermine society.

Health Care: Free as a public service equivalent to police and fire services with emphasis on health individual lifestyles; healthy environments; natural and alternative medicine; and ethical medical and pharmaceutical remediation as a last resort. Terminate NIH & CDC, start over.

Principles & Values: Restore Constitution; character through school, apprenticeships, and mandatory national service (a shared boot camp, then choice of five tracks: armed forces, Peace Corps, first responders, cyber, and farms & wetlands).

Domestic Issues

Civil Rights: Quality education and free health care as well as the Bill of Rights are core. Churches decide marriage, civil unions are civil contracts. Eliminate SWAT teams, no-knock entries, red flag laws, and all other unconstitutional measures the 1% have imposed over time.

Crime: End death & three strikes; legalize marijuana & hemp, full employment. Weaponize NSA against all corrupt judges and prosecutors; inform Attorneys General they are admin pukes, not senior law enforcement officials; nationally recognize sheriffs as the highest law enforcement officials in each county and expand their role to be more proactive in using a mix of citizen grand juries to overturn and block abusive federal, state, and local mandates. Pay particularly attention to ending summary judgements without jury trials, inclusive of preying on elderly by drugging them, declaring them wards of the state, and confiscating their wealth.

Drugs: Weaponize NSA against Wall Street, CIA, FBI, and DHS use of drugs (and child trafficking) to fund their off-budget crimes; terminate Wall Street impunity in laundering money from child trafficking, drugs, and other illegal operations; legalize marijuana and hemp; address alcoholism with meaningful socio-economic programs and education that reduce the urge to self-medicate.

Environment: Zero Waste, Natural Capitalism, Green to Gold, Biomimicry, expose true costs of all products and services via bar codes and online free data, mandate clean air and disease-free air in all buildings and public transportation including airlines and trains. Shut the federal bureaucracy down, shift responsibility for environment to states subject to county over-ride. End federal control of all lands owned by states, with limited do no harm agreements on selected marks – in general, close down military control of land and revert to states.

Gun Control: Right to bear arms is non-negotiable less felons still on probation.  Concealed permits not required—felons who have paid their debt to society need only carry a card certifying their restoration to full citizenship status—states may not abridge felon rights once court’s sentence has been completed.  Achieve accountability with barrel printing and cartridge signatures—anyone can kill, be identified, and if wrong, held accountable.

Jobs: End absentee ownership of farms; 60% union membership; limit interest to 10%; make full employment the law and the outcome; raise minimum wage to achieve quality of life at last highest point.  Limit CEOs to 100X wages of lowest worker they employ.

International Issues

Energy & Oil: Release free energy and all forms of natural energy; identify and tax externalized cost of energy-wasteful production; make unlimited desalinated water a national goal by 2030.

Foreign Policy: Shift $200 billion from waging war to waging peace; multilateralism; provide all 40+ dictators with a five-year exit strategy; make human rights and fair trade the foundation for all commercial relations; stop exporting military weapons.

Free Trade: Fair trade not free trade.  Reveal “true costs” of all goods and services.  End slavery in America first, then in the rest of the world. Reinstate family and village small business capacity across the land.

Homeland Security: Terminate DHS starting with TSA; reinstate FEMA to its original intent while creating a domestic intelligence capacity to redirect $20 billion from spies to water and food infrastructure and safety; fund Citizen Intelligence Networks ($30M per state per year).

Immigration: Increase Border Patrol to 30,000; state & local crack-down on visa violators; withdraw all forces from overseas; create four forces after next including $200 billion peace force; fully fund global free education online in 183 languages, work with Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Russia, and Venezuela to give free cell phones to poor and educate them, world-wide, one cell call at a time.  Peace comes from prosperity, and prosperity comes from education one question at a time—the 5 billion poor don’t have eighteen years to waste.

War & Peace: Close all 1,000 of our military bases overseas as they are used as lily pads for smuggling children, drugs, runs, gold, and dirty cash; bring our troops, their wallets, and the millions of support jobs now going to foreigners, home. Create an Inter-Agency Development Command and a Peace College as well as a Multinational Decision-Support Center to support shared global decision-making that is fully transparent to the public while enabling China, Iran, Russia, and the USA particularly, to overcome centuries of British and Deep State perfidy.




1st Amendment: no commercial entity (e.g. #GoogleGestapo) may censor anyone; Internet is a public universal service and any manipulation of data in this public network is a felony.

2nd Amendment: concealed carry approved nation-wide; end PTSD and other pharmaceutical guises for depriving veterans particularly; end police state and shut down DHS.

4th Amendment: terminates all mass surveillance not only by NSA but by Zionist Israel with its software embedded in US communications and computing systems. Terminates the ability of the federal government to impose local cell towers and harmful 5G technology on any local or state jurisdiction.

5th Amendment: ends all “mandatory” arbitration clauses and other variations and restores the right to fair and speech trial by jury as well as class action lawsuits across all commercial tort categories while also restoring the right of the public to convene grand juries to

9th Amendment: move toward US Postal Service as the provider of free emails to all citizens and residents, such that citizenship and voting status are embedded in the email (a form of https for individuals) and toward the testing of national, state, and local universal ballots on all matters including public voting on federal and state legislation as well as all regulations at the line item level.

10th Amendment: narrowly limit role of federal government to global matters including global defense, law, and trade; eliminate role of federal government as a police authority; eliminate regulations sponsored by the Deep State in favor of Constitutional Counties.


1st Amendment: corporations are not people and have no rights as people.

7th Amendment: restores right to a jury trial and deepens the right with particular regard to the elderly and families being stripped of their wealth and children by courts and commercial enterprises. Makes it illegal for any commercial enterprise to make arbitration a mandatory alternative to trial by jury and completely reinstates class action lawsuits. Adds trial by jury to any lawsuit involving the government at any level.

12th Amendment: enact #UNRIG The Election Reform Act with all twelve provisions including democracy in the workplace – unions with honest transparent leadership.

13th Amendment: expand definitive of slavery to include all forms of financial and digital indentureship — focus on assuring Individual Sovereignty in all its forms inclusive of the rights of Anonymity, Identity, Privacy, and Security.

27th Amendment: forbid Congress from having pay scales and benefits that are different from the Executive (same salary scales) and the public (same health insurance, no slush fund for sex abuse, etcetera).


11th Amendment: end “sovereign immunity” and begin to hold both elected officials and bureaucrats accountable for fraud, waste, and abuse.

14th Amendment: end birth tourism (Asian as well as other); refuse to grant visas or citizenship to those who cannot produce complete police records from their home country, hold Governors, Secretaries of State and others accountable for treason as well as high crimes (election fraud, lockdowns and masks among many other crimes against the public).

16th Amendment: terminate the right of the federal government to collect any tax in any guise — all taxes will be collected by counties and funds will be apportioned to the state governments and from states to the much smaller federal government; the federal government may not borrow money, and may not print money without the approval of the states via the Senate.

17th Amendment: reverse election of the Senators by the public and restore the state sovereignty aspect of Senators being appointed by their state so as to ensure that the federal budget and laws are approved by the states — end the federal imperium.

22nd Amendment: reverse limitations on President.

25th Amendment: reverse the automatic assumption of the Presidency by the Vice President

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